General Information

Type I:  Permanent Residency Visas

Type I visas are issued to persons who intend to resettle permanently in Portugal for:

  1. BulletRetirement

  2. BulletIndependent living

  3. BulletTo establish independent business

  4. BulletTo set up investments

  5. BulletTo establish themselves as independent professionals in their field

Type II:  Resettlement Visas For Relatives of Portuguese Citizens

Type II visas are issued to foreign members of a Portuguese citizen’s family who intend to transfer their permanent residence to Portugal.

Type III:  Resettlement Visas For Relatives of Permanent Residents of Portugal

Type III visas are issued to family members of a non-Portuguese citizen, already established as a permanent resident in Portugal, who wish to join their families.

Note: All residency visas are valid for a period of 120 calendar days.  Once in Portugal, all residency visa holders need to report to the nearest office of the “Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras” to apply for a Permanent Residency Card.

How to Apply

Types I & II

Completed applications with all required documentation (see attached table) must be submitted to the nearest         Portuguese Consulate for processing. The application is then forwarded  to the “Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras” in Portugal for consideration.  Applicants may relocate to Portugal ONLY after they have secured the proper visa.

Type III

Requests for Type III visas must be made by the family member residing in Portugal, directly to the nearest office of the “Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras”.  When the request is approved, the immigration authorities will issue a Visa Authorization Certificate, which must then be presented to the nearest Portuguese Consulate, together with the required documentation (see attached table).

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