Children of Portuguese Parents

Children born abroad to Portuguese parents (one or both) are entitled to Portuguese nationality.

Applications for nationality must be submitted to the nearest Portuguese Consulate, to be processed and forwarded to the Conservatória dos Registos Centrais in Lisbon, for registration.  Portuguese documents cannot be issued until registration is completed by the Conservatória, a process which may take between 1 to 4 weeks.

Registration of Children from Birth to 14 Years of Age

Both parents (even if one is not a Portuguese national) must appear in person at the Consulate to apply for nationality on behalf of their child(ren), and to sign the birth registration.  The parent(s) holding Portuguese nationality must be registered at the Consulate and if married, the marriage needs to be registered in Portugal before applying for the child’s Portuguese nationality.  The following documents must be presented:

Child’s birth certificate (long form containing all pertaining information about the birth, legalized by the Portuguese Consulate in jurisdiction of the area of birth);

Portuguese passport and identification card of Portuguese parent(s);

Birth Certificate of non-Portuguese parent (legalized by the Portuguese Consulate in jurisdiction of the area of birth).

Registrations after 14 years of age must include birth certificate translation and legalization fee ($55.00) and a notarized copy of passport.

Registration of Applicants 18 and Over

Applicants must appear in person at the nearest Portuguese Consulate, with the following documents:

Certified copy of the long form of his/her birth certificate, legalized by “Appostille” or by the Consulate of Portugal, as per attached instructions;

Identification documents with photo/signature such as passport, I.D. cards, etc.);

Marriage certificate (if applicable), proof of employment and current address.

US$359,91, money-order (payable to the Portuguese Consulate).

The following documents pertaining to the Portuguese parent(s) must also be submitted:

Certified copy of the Portuguese parents birth certificates, issued within the last 6 months by the Registrar’s Office (Conservatória do Registo Civil) of their place of birth.  Portuguese citizens born abroad must request their birth certificate from the Conservatória dos Registos Centrais in Lisbon.  Birth certificates may be requested by Internet through

Parents´ marriage must be endorsed on the birth certificate.  If married abroad and marriage has not yet been registered in Portugal, registration must be done by the Consulate before the child may apply for nationality.

If parents were not married at the time of applicant’s birth, parents must sign a statement for confirming paternity while the applicant was still a minor.

Copies of parents’ identification documents (passports, Portuguese I.D. cards, etc.)

Legalization of Birth Certificates

Applicants born in any of the countries listed below must obtain an “Apostille” to legalize their birth certificates.  They should contact the following authorities:

Applicants born in the USA

Office of the Secretary of State, of the State in which applicant was born.

Applicants born in other Countries of the List

Must contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of their country of origin.

Applicants who were born in countries not included on the above list must request legalization of their birth certificates at the Portuguese Consulate in the area where they were born.

How to Request Birth Certificates from Portugal

If parents were born in Portugal, birth certificates may be obtained either through the Internet at , or contacting the Conservatória where the parents were born.

If parents were born abroad, the birth certificates must be obtained from:

Conservatória dos Registos Centrais

Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 198

1099-003 Lisbon, Portugal

Fees subject to change due to variations in the exchange rate Euro/Dollar

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