Marriages Registration

Marriages Registration in Portugal

Portuguese living overseas who wish to marry (or Portuguese wishing to marry a foreigner), may apply to marry at the Consulate’s area of their residence or register their marriage.

  1. Marriages celebrated by consular officer

The competent Consulate is the one with jurisdiction over the area of residence of both spouses or just one of them, if they reside in different areas, and the organization of a process of preliminary publications is mandatory.

  1. Marriages transcribed by the consular officer

When the marriage is celebrated by the competent local authorities, without being preceded by the publication of edicts. In this case (if both spouses are portuguese nationals) the imperative separation of property will be mandatory, and any prenuptial agreement eventually celebrated will be invalid.

Rules to be observed for the wedding

– Spouses must present to the Consulate’s area of residence all documents required by law and request the organization of respective preliminary process.

– Spouses may marry at the Consulate after the process is initiated and respective dispatch had been given .

Documents required for transcription or registration of marriage:

  • Birth certificate of each spouse. When both spouses or one of them is (are) Portuguese (s), these certificates will be provided by the Consulate;
  • Passport (when one of spouses is a foreigner);
  • Marriage Record, preferably “Full Transcript” (full narrative certificate), in the case of registration by transcription.

All birth and marriage certificates issued outside the US must present certificates legalized by the Portuguese Consulate or Embassy, in jurisdiction of the area of birth, or “Apostille”

All customers who need consular attention are required to timely contact the Consulate, requesting appointment for a date and hour available. All information about procedures and documentation to be submitted will be provided, as well as expected costs.

tel: 202-332-3007