Message from the Ambassador

Welcome to the Embassy of Portugal to the United States of America.

This is our fully renovated website. We hope it will be both an attractive and dynamic source of information on Portugal – the Web Summit country for at least the next three years – and a helpful instrument for bringing closer together all those with shared interests in the different faces of a “modern old country”. We will also keep you informed about our activities through the Portuguese Embassy’s Facebook page.

It is a great honor to be the Ambassador of Portugal to the United States of America. Bilateral relations with the United States have always been a top priority for Portugal. The United States is our closest neighbor across the ocean, as Portugal is the westernmost country of mainland Europe. We are not only friends; we are allies. Portugal is strongly committed to an ambitious transatlantic relationship and to a stronger bilateral partnership. I look very much forward to working both at the Federal and State levels to explore new avenues of cooperation between our two nations to bring about even more trade, more investment, more tourism, more contacts between our civil societies as well as stronger political, cultural and educational bonds.

I greatly appreciate the strong commitment to the United States of America of the increasingly thriving Portuguese American community. Their growing social, political and economic profile in this country is increasing rapidly and becoming more interwoven throughout the social fabric of the United States. Their relevance is also demonstrated in passing down the Portuguese legacy, shared values and work ethics to younger generations. I believe they are also uniquely placed to help us in welcoming and integrating other highly-skilled Portuguese citizens who arrive in this country looking for new opportunities, either in trade, in investment or in education.

Domingos Fezas Vital

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