Portuguese ID Cards and Passports/Power of Attorney

Portuguese ID Cards and Passports/Power of Attorney


- Do not forget to click on “Submeter Agendamento” after you choose the date in the calendar;

- If you do not receive an e-mail confirming your appointment, that means it was not correctly done.

The confirmation you will receive on your e-mail must have all the details regarding your appointment – date, hour, full name, e-mail, phone number, etc. If you only receive an email that states that your “registo online” was successfully done, the appointment was not confirmed.

- If you come to the Consulate without a confirmed appointment, we will not be able to accommodate you as other people have made correct and final appointments for the same time;

- Do not schedule a “ato familiar” (request of appointment for more than one person in the same family). If you have other family members that want to renew documentation in the same day, please book the appointments for each document they need to renew under their own name.

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