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Portugal has traditionally been a worldwide renowned tourist destination. That being said, our country is not just about sunshine and sea breezes. Portugal is a country with a rich culture and a fascinating history dating back to the 12th century. Nowadays, Portugal is also home to a thriving civil society, intertwined with the values of the European Union, where higher education became the norm for many Portuguese students. Over the last few years this has also become a reality for foreign students from all over the world.

The transformation brought about by the EU Bologna Process increased international recognition for Portuguese college degrees, promoting student exchange programs that introduced an international environment in our universities. International students are increasingly choosing Portugal as their study abroad destination enrolling in either English or Portuguese programs. Actually, one of the main reasons for studying in Portugal is also to learn Portuguese, the sixth most spoken language in the world and one of the fastest expanding idioms across the globe.

There are several options at your fingertips. Higher education in Portugal is divided into two sub-systems, university education and polytechnic education. The network of public higher education institutions comprise 14 Universities, 20 Polytechnic Institutes and 6 institutions of military and police Higher Education. The network of private Higher Education Institutions comprises 36 Universities and 64 Polytechnic Institutes. Learn more here.




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